Yellow Matte Mug

Yellow Matte Mug

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Kate Garwood's ceramics are something of a beacon that draws customers into Faulkner and Wells. This particular mug is an incredible display of Kate's matte glaze with repeated arc patterns . This colour is on the exterior and interior. Beautiful as a mug or even as a vase for some spring flowers. All of Kate's stoneware is made on a potter's wheel and then reduction fired in a gas kiln. All of Kate's ceramics are both oven and dishwasher proof. 

Kate began pottery at Standpoint Studios in Hoxton, along with sister Joanna Oliver whose ceramics we also sell. Beginning her selling at Broadway Market in Hackney, Kate now has a studio based in Shiplake, South Oxfordshire. Kate's signature is keeping a part of each pot raw in order to show the natural beauty of the clay. 

Specifics: Crafted using stoneware. Height 11cm x Top Diameter 7cm x Base 9cm. 
Made in Shiplake, Oxfordshire.