Thick Wool Socks Grey Fleck

Thick Wool Socks Grey Fleck

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Tom Lane's amazing thick wool socks are perfect for providing warmth and never-ending comfort. Containing 60% wool and 40% cotton, these socks are great thermal insulators, yet very breathable. These socks come in one size that fits a size 4 to 8 foot. 

Tom Lane runs from owner Jayne Ireland's family farm in Lincolnshire. With a love for natural fibres, Jayne works closely with factories across the UK in order to produce a premium, durable product. Jayne believes in a timeless design, impeccable materials and above all, true craftsmanship. 

Specifics: Size 4 to 8. Do not wash above 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry or lay on direct heat to dry.