Rest Essential Oil Jar 120ml

Rest Essential Oil Jar 120ml

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These heavenly scented soy wax candles have a burn time of around 25 hours. With a naturally unbleached double cotton wick, these candles are perfect for natural wanderers as they come in a reusable, recycled glass jar. These candles transform any space they are lit in with their 100% essential oil blend. This stunning de-stressing blend is made of bergamot, lavender and patchouli. 

Rachael set up Hobo Soy Candles in the market town of Louth, Lincolnshire. Having inherited her parents sense of wanderlust, Rachael began creating candles in 2013, inspired by her travels and love of the outdoors. Each candle is made from soya beans and has a cleaner, healthier and longer burn time than paraffin candles. 

Specifics: 120ml recycled glass jar. 25 hours burn time. Always trim wick after each burn to 1/8 inch when the ends are cool. Made in Lincolnshire.