Black Iron Egg Spoon

Black Iron Egg Spoon

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After meeting Ishita, co-founder of Vela Indian brunch pop ups, Netherton Foundry took it upon themselves to produce Ishita's wish of having an egg spoon as a simple way of cooking an egg over an open fire. Perfect for stirring, adding and removing foods from woks, frying pans etc, these egg spoons are an incredibly fun addition to any kitchen. 

Netherton Foundry is a family owner business located in South Shropshire. Inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries Shropshire Iron Masters, Netherton Foundry takes the incredible energy from this period and brings it into the modern day. More than 75% of their materials are sourced from Shropshire and its neighbouring counties, helping to reduce their environmental impact on the planet. 

Specifics: Crafted using 99.1% spun pure iron seasoned with organic flax oil. Ladle bowl diameter 12.7cm x Length 41 cm.