Meet Our Makers: Pump Street Bakery

We want all of our customers to get to know more about what we sell here at The Goring Grocer and Faulkner and Wells. At The Goring Grocer, it is all about taste. We want to sell only the most delicious, taste bud tingling and mouth-watering foods that we can get our hands on. But, we also want to appease your other senses. Fortunately, we have been lucky enough to work with a brand that unites and delights all of the senses since we first opened our doors in 2015.

Pump Street Bakery stands for all that a food outlet should stand for. Located in a stunning Grade-II listed building in Suffolk, the humble bakery boasts one central table surrounded by chairs for their hungry customers. Beginning as a bakery, Joanna Brennan and her father opened their doors to the public in 2010 selling croissants, pain au chocolats, sandwiches and most importantly, their stunning naturally-leavened bread.

Two years later, the pair started experimenting with chocolate. Chris’s enjoyment of chocolate comes from his desire to bring chocolate to the UK that is made purely from beans. After sourcing their beans directly from a hand-picked selection of farms across Ecuador, Madagascar, Grenada and Venezuela, the beans are brought directly back to Suffolk. Here, they are cleaned, ground and conched for five days before being put to rest for about a month.

Each batch is produced in 30kg at a time, meaning that each bar is crafted with an enormous amount of time and focus. All of their chocolate bars are known as single-estate bars. In a nutshell, this means that all the beans in the bar come directly from the same farm. Why is this important to us? For us, it stands for a strong belief in buying ethically and sustainably. By using the same bean from the same farmer, a mutually beneficial relationship is formed where sustainable practices can be put into place ensuring that a high-quality, ethically sourced bean can be used every time.


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